Pressure Based Theory

The Pressure Based Theory is something that I have been working on for many years now. Originally it was one of the main, if not the main, purposes of SolveTheUniverse.

In its most basic sense, pressure based theory states that our observable universe primarily consists of a pressurized bubble of ultra high speed subatomic particles. Others in the past have referred to similar mediums as aether.

In order to create a mathematical model of the pressure based theory, the model has to embrace and support infinity.

Infinitely high speed subatomic particles support the universal bubble. These particles are infinitely small, infinitely numerous, travel at infinite speed and have infinite capability to bounce.

This bubble of particles makes up our observable universe. The action of these particles drives and affects everything.

Key Components of Pressure Based Theory (PBT)

Gravity (Conventional)              PBT-Gravity              Gravity (Push System)
   Aether (Conventional)               PBT-Aether               Aether (Historical)
   Subatomic Particle (Conventional)   PBT-Subatomic Particle
   Infinity (Conventional)             PBT-Infinity
   Dimensions (Conventional)           PBT-Dimensions
   Time (Conventional)                 PBT-Time
   Magnetism (Conventional)            PBT-Magnetism
   Electricity (Conventional)          PBT-Electricity
   Atomic Energy (Conventional)        PBT-Atomic Energy
                                       PBT-Proportional Wave Theory
   Kinetic Theory (Conventional)       PBT-Pressure Theory
   Molecular Speed Calculation         
   Light (Conventional)                PBT-Light
   Radiation (Conventional)            PBT-Radiation

Nature's Clues

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. Albert Einstein
Notice the similarities:
*PBT-Spheres        Bubbles                Planets
   *PBT-Galaxies       Hurricanes
   *PBT-Lightning      RainDropsOnWindshield
   *PBT-Magnetic Flow  DebrisInStream
   *PBT-Molecules      GroupsOfBubbles
For those of us who really want to uncover a unified theory of the universe and essentially "solve the universe" I believe that The Pressure Based Theory fits the bill.

Additional Research and Reading

Competing Theories