Purpose and Goals

SolveTheUniverse and SolveTheUniverse-Wiki were created by Matthew Foutch in 2009.

The purpose and goals behind the creation of these sites are as follows:

Solve the universe – an evolution of ideas.

Knowledge and ideas are useless unless they are shared and acted upon.

An idea without action is a waste.

The purpose of this site is to freely exchange thoughts and ideas.

The main premise of this site is that extraordinary ideas come from ordinary individuals.

Ordinary individuals have no good way to share their ideas on certain topics for many reasons: Fear of losing the idea.  Afraid of being ripped off. Don’t know how to develop their idea. Don’t know if the idea is truly original.

Many ideas go unnoticed, unspoken, and are never developed.

Many people take their best ideas to their graves.

I don’t believe that God provides men with ideas for them to never share.

This site is meant to provide an avenue to express these ideas freely.

This site is meant to pull together like minded individuals to solve problems.  Like a think tank for the ordinary man.

You don’t have to be a trained scientist to have unique and wonderful ideas about things like the universe.

A trained scientist is just as apt to be a "crack pot" as the ordinary individual.

Example: I have several Ideas that I had planned to publish as a book. As time passes, I have continued to do nothing with these ideas. This web site is to act as my book. It will be published here instead. In many instances, a book has too many restrictions. The web is the best place to discuss certain – “unsolvable” problems.

Start by listing things that man does not know the answer to:

How does the brain work?
Where do we come from? How big is the universe?
How do magnets work?
What is the unified theory of the universe?
What is electricity? How does it work?
How can we achieve world peace?
Is there a God?

For a full list, and to add to the list, go here: List of Problems to Solve
These are the subjects that this site is meant for.

A site where people can freely exchange their ideas without ridicule, slander or theft. Note: There is currently no practical way to prevent ridicule, slander or theft.

A site where people are credited for their good ideas and allowed to let the bad ones pass.

If only 1 out of 100 ideas is truly extraordinary. All 100 must be spoken to find it and examine it.

Thought and problem solving without hazing.

Ground rules.
This is not about money. Don’t expect to make money off of this site. Idea people rarely make money. Action people make money. If you have an idea that you plan to take action on, don’t post it here. First take your planned action. Then after your idea is published. It can be referenced here.

This site is for many different types of people. It is meant to provide a portal for ideas and contributions from individuals who have other sources of livelihood… But still want to learn and contribute. Those who want to help collaborate to solve the universe of previously unsolvable problems.

This sites structure is not unique. It follows the natural progression of discovery.

List structure here. What don’t we know. What do we know. How can what we do know be applied to what we do not know.

If you agree with these purposes and seek to achieve these goals, please email me join the site and help "Solve The Universe".

Matthew Foutch can be contacted with questions, comments and suggestions via email: mwfoutch@gmail.com